what can a coconut do?

blood circulation and heart function

anti-aging, weight-loss and detox

source of hydration for athletes

low GI sweetener

alternative to milk, gluten and sugar

gourmet culinary must-have

hungover killer

instant energy boost

nutritional values

and enzymes

MCT quality fats
(lauric acid)



bunch of
amino acids

wide array of
alkalising minerals

Western science is pretty clear about coconut's nutritional values. Interesting discussion has been launched about its effects on human body. To provide with proper information, we did our research and interviewed experienced experts - athletes, chefs, partymen and moms. What have we found?
TCM – traditional Chinese medicine – considers coconut a multipurpose food. Young coconut meat has strong energetic properties of yin, is refresing and supports digestion and urination. Coconut milk has energetic properties of yin and yang, supports fertility and calms the body during hot summer days. Ripe and dried coconut has warming yang properties, regulates body temperature and brings sweetness..
Ajurvéda considers coconut palm the tree of life. Young coconut significantly calms dosa (type) Pitta, removes toxins, supports digestion and its sweetness regenerates, what is perfect for dosa Kapha. Ripe coconut balances dosa Pitta and Vatta, in higher amount can irritate Kapha. It nourishes the body. Requires proper digestion.


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