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Coconut lovers

Nikol Moravcová Fashionblogger

"Young coconut is actually my bestie before running and after every party! It is energising, hydrates and kills the hangover, so we are friends!“

Tomáš Svobodatriatlonist

"After a difficult training or a race, I like to hydrate myself and refill minerals with coconut water. Currently I am experimenting with coconut oil, ask me about my findings in future!"

James Cole musician

"Young coconut is a mana for me as a vegan, it can come in so many forms. Its revitalising effects have not been fully comprehended yet"

Vít Schlesinger sports couch a sporthacker

"Virgin coconut oil is one of the main sources of quality fats, for me and my clients. My favorite place to sip on a young coconut is Thailand, where they taste different on each island"

I’m Cyber DJ

"I have been playing for almost 20 years and young coconuts help me to keep enough energy until the end. And thanks to coconut detox I cleansed my body"

Radek KašpárekChef, Field

"We are focusing on local cuisine in Field at the moment, but I have been in love with coconut my entire life! In my TV shows I liked to make ice cream, creams, desserts. And coconut curry is the top."

Martin Rozhoňestablisher at

"When there is no time to eat, coconut is the best source of nutrition and energy, and is delicious on top of that."

Coconut superpowers

  • hydration
  • youth elixir
  • detox
  • energy boost
  • source of quality fats
  • source of vitamins & minerals
  • it's fun
  • low GI
  • regeneration

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Cocojack - plná sada

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Cocojack - základní sada

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Coconut jam

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Thai young coconut trimmed

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Fairytale cocotella

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Raw coconut water COLD-PRESSED ❄️

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944 Kč/package.

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