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Thai young coconut trimmed

cena 79 Kč

Raw coconut water COLD-PRESSED ❄️

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944 Kč/package.

Virgin coconut water ❄️

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944 Kč/package.

Cocotella choco

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Roasted coconut butter

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Cocotella cashew

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Coconut chips RAW raspberry

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weight 25 g

Coconut chips RAW salty caramel

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weight 25 g

Coconut milk

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Size 400 ml

Coconut flour

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Who are coconut enthusiasts?

what can coconut do

Western science is pretty clear about coconut´s properties. Interesting disccusion has been launched about its impact on human body. To provide with proper information, we did our research and interviewed experts – athletes, chefs, party animals and mothers. What were the findings?
TCM – traditional Chinese medicine – considers coconut a multi-purpose food. Young coconut water has energetic properties of yin, it is refreshing and improves digestion and urination. Coconut milk has energetic properties of yin and yang, improves fertility and calms the body during hot summer days. Ripe and dried coconut has warm yang energy, regulates body temperature and is a source of sweet flavour.
Ajurveda considers coconut palm the tree of life. Young coconut significantly calms the dosa (type) Pitta, removes toxins, supports digestion and its sweet flavour has regenerating effects perfect for dosa Kapha. Ripe coconut balances dosa Pitta and Vatta, in higher amount can irritate Kaphu. It nourishes our bodies. Requires higher level of digestion.

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